Hank Stringer

What can I say about Hank??!! Besides the fact that Hank is a guru in the world of leading edge recruitment, he also stays true to his craft and takes on searches for companies. Hank helped us out at Apollo Group with a number of VP level positions that we were looking to fill. Hank's networks run deep and not only did we fill positions with Hank's candidates, he brought us other talent that we didn't know we needed but ended up hiring! Hank is a true business partner and I would work with him again in a heartbeat!

Shelley Zajic (nee Kroggel), VP of Talent Management

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30+ years of experience successfully executing global executive search assignments in the technology and energy industries.

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Hank Stringer

While the term "visionary" is handed out like candy at Halloween, there are actually very few visionaries in the Recruiting Industry. Hank Stringer, part time evangelist, full time innovator is one of the few who has consistently seen and invented the future. Mr. Stringer. Known broadly for his raw willingness to tell the truth, combines kindness with shrewdness. His friendship is warming, his business acumen sophisticated. If you ever get a chance to work with him, take it.

John Sumser, CEO Two Color Hat

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I was raised in the Panhandle of Texas where people like to say, "the land there is so flat all you can see is imagination."

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Hank Stringer

Hank is an extremely well-connected and resourceful expert, with deep knowledge and experience in executive search for leading brands and companies all over the world. His character, integrity, and innovative approach to solving serious problems in talent/recruiting has made him a joy to work with in the past. I can't think of anyone I would recommend for unique and difficult executive recruiting challenges, and visionary ideas in the space, more than Hank!

Phil Murray, CFO

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I have worked with thousands of people at all levels over the past 30 years helping them to network and compete for career opportunities.

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Hank Stringer

Hank Stringer is one of a very small group of visionaries and entrepreneurs who has helped shape the context and content of the electronic recruiting marketplace in the United States. He is a world-class subject matter expert on corporate recruiting and recruitment technology. I recommend him highly.

Don Ramer, CEO & Founder of Arbita

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Since it's founding in 2002 by Mike Mayeux, Novotus has seen rapid growth. A combination of unique recruiting methods and technologies, coupled with excellent recruiters, has enabled Novotus to develop a reputation as one of the top talent acquisition firms in the world. Across a variety of industries and disciplines, Novotus partners with leading companies to reinvent talent acquisition.

Hank Stringer

Hank is everything you would ask for in a founder of a high tech start up company-honest, industrious, creative, visionary, persistent, and a great team player and good friend. He is also a real kick to work with (never a dull moment). This world needs more Hank Stringers.

Jim Hammock, Former Enterprise and Internet Technology CEO, currently Director for the Floodgate Fund

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Hank Stringer has had a long and interesting career. He started recruiting with an executive search firm in Houston right out of college, fell in love with the profession and has never looked back. A search assignment in 1989 required he become an early adopter of the internet to recruit Unix kernel developers for Tandem Computers. He also traveled throughout the US and the world recruiting top sales and technical talent for Dell Computer from 1990 – 1996.

These experiences honed his search skills and led to creating an Internet recruitment solution that became Hire.com an early Internet software company that served enterprise clients around the world.

Along the way Hank wrote a book with Rusty Rueff, "Talent Force: A New Manifesto for the Human Side of Business" that many in the talent management space refer to when considering actions to take when creating talent management technology or process solutions.

Today Hank is back doing what he loves, executive search but try as he may he can't keep his hands off creating solutions and technology to help him in his work.

Hank, lives with his wife and children west of Austin in the Hill Country.